I was in an elevator with my sister in law and two boys walked in with some action figures. They were probably ten. One kid turns to the other and says, “I have the real Iron man- from Disney. You have some raste ka maal saste mean” (a cheap knockoff).
It just shows how deeply materialistic our culture has become. It’s about showing off what costs more as opposed to what gives us more happiness. Even our entire social media is based on this facade- “look how beautiful my life is!”
So when I came across this quote, by none other than Rajnikanth– the biggest movie star from India, it struck a chord with me.
I think it’s important to remember this when we are busy with the rat race. Of course I want my son to be successful but above all, I hope he understands that the true happiness comes from within… not from things. I hope he knows the difference between greed and need.

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