My Story

Hello. Namaste. Welcome to my world. I’m the Bollywood Mom.
I used to act in Bollywood soap operas. And now, as a mom, every day brings comedy, drama, action & adventure.
I am playful, adventurous, quirky-ish and when it comes to motherhood, I’m learning not to take every small thing too seriously.
I love to cook, I enjoy going on day trips with my boys, I geek out on finding and making stuff to share online.
I’m also very filmy. I think in terms of movies and tv shows.
After I became a mom, I decided to stay at home and raise my adorable little boy. He actually re-ignited in me — the passion, the love, the need to tell stories.
So I’m starting this adventure. Whatever I learn about being a new mom, I’m going to share. I’m an obsessive researcher. You will see how- to’s, tips and hacks. And that filmy part of me is also going to share my lol’s , wtf’s and mommy-isms.