It is 10 am… It’s raining outside. I think I’m coming down with flu. I can’t even keep my eyes open.
I look around. My place is a mess and I haven’t even started cooking yet. I’m beyond overwhelmed.
Then my 21 month old approaches me with blocks. And without a second thought, I start building blocks with him.
I completely forget about the overwhelming sinking feeling I had just a few minutes ago. My eyes are still heavy, but the fact that my son is having fun, keeps me keep on going. I would have never done this for anyone else. Ever.
Dear son- I may be overwhelmed, and I may sometimes be too tired to play with you or answer your questions the very moment you want me to. But I am your mom. I will chug along. I will never quit on you.

I think our little Mega Bloks creation turned out cool too!!

Our Megablocks creation.
Our Megablocks creation.

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