Have you seen “People without kids don’t know”  by Michael Mcintyre? I felt it when I flew with my toddler. MM is hands down my favorite comedian. He gets it. He gets it because he’s a dad.

I was traveling with my 20 month old from Los Angeles to Orlando. Need I say more?
Of course my son decides that he is not in a mood to sit in the stroller or walk. So I am dragging a stroller with a backpack and my son in my hands who is over excited because he could see so many airplanes!

Security check is a terrible experience to begin with. Imagine doing it with a toddler. I put him on the floor for a second- make sure he doesn’t run towards the window to see the airplanes— leave his hand just for moment – keep him engaged by talking to him about how big the plane is and meanwhile — quickly throw a bag on the table. Then hold him again- remove his jacket- then mine. Then shoes. Argh. Am I done yet? Nope. I still have to fold the stroller and put it on the table. AND- I am just being asked to open up the bag. Did I mention this is happening 10 minutes before my flight starts boarding.

I could feel the cold stares coming at me from the people without kids who wanted me to hurry the fu%$ up. I look around till another mom looks back at me and just gives me the nod that only moms understand. She knew exactly what I was going through.

This experience reminded me of Michael McIntyre’s routine –  People without kids don’t know.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

P.S. Bright side-  I’m quite positive that I can do almost everything with one hand.

Going through security check with a toddler.

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